Your package was delivered!

It was directly handed to a resident. That was the message I got from Amazon.

The question is ‘Who too’, as I am in Treasure Island, and my neighbor is taking care of everything for me.

I texted her, and it wasn’t handed to her. She collected it for me, but was it the invisible man, or do the drivers put down anything they want.

There is nothing on the form to say that it was handed to no one.


  1. Medtronic sent my son a replacement insulin pump (a very expensive medical device!) and it was supposed to be signed for. I made sure I was up and ready to sign. But they just dropped on my door. I couldn’t believe it


  2. The drivers are paid so little for each delivery that they’re too quick to drop them off. We fortunately have a security office at the entrance to the Domaine where parcels can be left whether we’re in or not.


  3. Porch pirates are rampant here. Sometimes, they follow the trucks around and pick the packages off the step just after they are dropped. Our cameras are helpful in seeing the packages dropped, so we can get a neighbour to pick it up. Glad you found yours. Allan


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