Happy to see the gym after a week.

I really did get a great weeks workout at the beach. Both Saturday, and Sunday I only managed to get on the beach twice each day, but was able to increase my steps as the week continued.

I did 16 hours, and 32 minutes. 44.55 miles, and 3,020 calories. This is nothing compared to years ago, when I got up at sunrise, and walked until breakfast, then back down until lunchtime, etc. Now I spend more time with hubby, but ensure that not only do I walk, but do stretching, and boxing/BodyCombat.

Today I did a Zumba class at the gym, and got back for the end of the Chelsea – Southampton football match. Again it was a draw, 3 – 3. and just as exciting at the 2 – 2 draw between Everton and Liverpool.

Now it is hubby’s team Arsenal against Manchester City, and at halftime City were 1 – 0 up. I will watch the end of this match, and then go food shopping. I hate leaving hubby, because he has had another fall.




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