Successful morning.

I was going to miss my Zumba Gold class with Paola this morning, but realized that I could do the first 20 minutes via Zoom. I was delighted to be able to join her even for a short time.

We then went to our G.P.’s office, and I updated them will our information, so when hubby went into his room, they only had to take his vitals.

The doctor was really pleased with me, all my labs were in the range, and my platelets are back up from the worst 55, to 150, which is the low end of the range. That hasn’t happened in around 8 years. My total cholesterol was in range for the second time, and an even lower number. My bad cholesterol was still high, but lower than last time, and my good cholesterol was brilliant.

She asked me if I had lost weight, and I said that I am always in the 110 – 112 at home. With cloths on I was 114, same as last time.

We went into hubby’s room, and all his lab results were stable. They will never be good, but they haven’t got worse in the past 23 years. I know his diet is right, and the little bit of exercise must help. The doctor wants him to use his walker at all times, and told him that if he has another fall she will make him have therapy. The last time she did, he only went once, and refused to go again.

We both got our flu shots.

All in all, a very good report.

Check out today’s YouTube Vlog:


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