Can’t wait for Body Pump

I have been doing boxing, and lifting, since our vacation last week, but so look forward to my Body Pump class, with Paola. It’s a tough class, but she makes it fun, and I feel fantastic doing it.

Have you ever tried a body pump class? Only do it is you are relatively fit, and can lift a minimum of 10 lbs. You may have to build us to a class like this.

Whatever you do, it is a start to a new you.


  1. I haven’t done a body pump class for some years now, Susie. I can remember being in the best condition of my life doing that class. Yes, it takes a lot of strength – and the body sure sings afterwards… 🙂

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  2. I’ve been extremely lazy these last few weeks but now I have no more excuses. I love lifting weights. I hate cardio but can fight through it when necessary. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m determined to come out of this pandemic in better shape than going in.

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