Witnessed a car accident today.

Our plans today would not have included Walmart, because I hate going there. However, hubby said he could hardly stand this morning, and that he had shooting pains going up his legs.

I managed to get to Body Pump, and came straight home. We had lunch, and then I picked up a prescription, got my free Panera coffee, and down to Walmart. I had said to hubby that if he didn’t do his Silver Sneakers class, then we would walk all the aisles of Super Walmart. He would be pushing a cart to steady him.

We finished our shop, and went to our vehicle. I was just finishing loaded it, when the SUV next to me decided to try and go through a small space, with a car parked in front of it. An impossible task. I knew what was going to happen, and it did. It scraped the other vehicle.

I immediately ran over to her vehicle that was still moving, and yelled stop as loud as possible, and many times. I told her that she had hit the stationery vehicle. She said that she knew if was tight. I waited while she stopped her vehicle, and took a photo of her license plate. I am not showing it here, but do have it. I then took pictures of the damage, and license plate of the vehicle she had hit. She said that she was leaving a note for the driver. There is no way she would have if I hadn’t witnessed it.

I came home, and phoned the Port Richey, Florida Police Department. I was on hold forever, and put on hold several times during the call. He took both license numbers, my name, and phone number.

My afternoon disappeared on me, but I did my civic duty, and feel good about it. Hubby said he has heard of so many people leaving a note with an incorrect phone number, or after the witness has left, come back, and removed the note.

I was on autopilot when I stopped that vehicle, now I think that they could have had a gun, or anything could have happened to me. Thankfully it all worked out.


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