Happy Halloween.

I hope you have the best Halloween you can under the circumstances. I know my family in England aren’t doing anything, because the lockdown looks like happening this coming week. Boris is giving detail on Monday that will take force on Wednesday.

I got my little bag of candies yesterday at Zumba, and then today both hubby and I got one, at our Honda dealership. They had Hits106 music, and hotdogs.

The bag in my photo are all that were collected. I am not keen on Reeces peanutbutter cups, so I have eaten that one already. Saving the best for last.

What are you doing today, and which is your favorite candy to eat.


  1. We went to a Halloween dance last night, Susie. We are so fortunate here in Australia. Because of the early lockdowns we have few covid19 infections. I am so pleased our government took action immediately. We were locked down for a number of weeks – most people adhere to social distancing. But, in the main, life goes on as usual.

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  2. OOh no, I’m with you.
    It’s mandatory here to dance with only the one partner – Thank You.
    Anyway, Susie, there’s not a man at the dances who comes close to being as good as my man K. He is in a level all his own. I’m a lucky girl… πŸ™‚

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