U.K. Lockdown news.

The news is really grim, as it is back to March again with a month of lockdown. Here is the Independent, that has a 2 minute video of the televised announcement from 10 Downing Street.


My family, you guys here, and everyone that lives in the U.K. I am praying that either this works, or a proven vacine is ready, so that you can have a Christmas/holiday to enjoy this year.

Virtual hugs to you all.


  1. This is so hard. I was talking to my cousin in England and he is not looking forward to it. Oddly enough our son, who lives in London , is currently working in Mexico City for two weeks so he will miss some of this lockdown. He did a 14 day isolation when he got back from a recent job in Romania and I expect he will do the same after Mexico. I pray for all my relatives in Britain and for your family as well Susie.

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  2. The company my son in law works for probably won’t survive another closure. My autistic granddaughter has to have continuity in her life and her college is closing for the month. Disruption all round for them. My daughter said that the shelves will be bare again. Not to mention the pandemic.


  3. I was lucky my son and family ( the ones who returned from a three year posting to USA recently ) came for half term and it was also his birthday. That was nice for me, but we should all have gone back into lock down sooner.

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