Election day in the USA

Yes election day has arrived in the states. It’s been on the television since we got up, and I know will continue all day.

I will get a break, as I am heading to the gym shortly. I plan on boxing, and lifting, as yesterday was cardio.

If you live in America, whether a republican or demacrat, what are your plans for today? Many fast food restaurants have either free items, free with a purchase, and highly discounted items fot voters. However, they can’t discriminate, so anyone can get them. Are you ready, as the time is now.


  1. Smiles When
    There is A
    10 Percent
    Chance of
    Rain i Don’t
    Change my
    ‘Picnic Plans’
    Other Than i Mailed
    My Ballot in Weeks
    Ago i
    ‘The Other
    World’ Dance
    And Sing Around
    It Come Rain Or
    Shine Already Been
    To Hell Stripped Naked
    On Earth
    i Surely
    Men With
    Suits oF Lies’
    Other Than That
    if Required i Have
    Enough Resources
    To Live Any Where
    In The World
    i Do
    Not Have
    To Travel
    To Have
    Free Within
    Keep SMiLinG
    It’s What Breath
    And Faces Are For
    Masked Or Not Seeing😁

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