Tried Les Mills CxWORKx fitness class today.

I saw this class on the gym’s app on Sunday, but hadn’t done boxing for a couple of days, and was geared up for it. This morning hubby said he wasn’t coming to the gym, so I booked up for this class, which was almost full.

I took my Yoga mat, towel, and wraps with me. I checked with a couple of ladies I knew from other classes as to what we needed. The instructor used a 5 lb. plate, and a yellow fitness band. I wrapped my wrists, and was ready for the class.

The only problem I had was with my knees. My right knee is always swollen, so when I do this class again, I will use 2 knee sleeves. Yes, the class was challenging, and we were told that we could leave halfway if we were new, but of course I completed it.

I could feel my hips, knees, and my left shoulder after the class, but after stretching more, I was back to no pain. This is a workout that I could easily do at home.


CXWORX will increase your core strength, toning your abs, butt and legs. This, in turn will help to build lean muscle mass in your core and increase your body’s ability to burn calories. Expect to burn around 230 calories during a 30 minute class at Village Gym.’ Our class ran 45 minutes.


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