Still patiently waiting…..

Just praying that all of America will be as patient as I am.

We cannot change the Presidential election results, when they come in, so why get anxious, stressed, angry, frustrated, or anything worse

We have to accept the outcome, whether we like it, or not.


  1. I agree. It very much affect our lives. His mishandling of Covid has stressed me to the core. I worry about my son who is Type 1 diabetic. But thankfully, we know now. I honestly feel better. I feel hope and I haven’t felt that for months.

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  2. I am glad Mr. Trump read how much other countries were getting, partly for ridiculous programs & ‘Awarenesses’ & how much large organizations were going to receive in this (um) stimulus program. He, in his own way, said, “This is b.s., the American people should be receiving the bulk of this output of finances” (so much of this stimulus package is going to other countries) … hence, the slowdown. But, nearly no one sees it that way or understands it. But, nearly no one is doing the research, they only hear CNN’s version & choose to hate him. He is trying to get more for us through this forced collapse, but the masses don’t understand why they cant just get their measly 600 immediately, when Trump is saying, “How about we not send millions to other countries, and give (not without sufferances later, money is never free) more to those of our own country whom you governors have chosen to punish by letting small family-owned businesses to die, yet allowed large businesses like walmart to thrive. I suppose I’m the outcast. I would rather have a mouthy, successful businessman run the country, which, needs economuc recovery to have the final say, than an out-of-touch career polition who may have pedophile tendancies and an inability to speak incoherently to other world leaders make the “I say so” choices. No one is doing research outside of CNN And mainstrem media. The sources, and the truth is out there. But, they have been declared ‘fake news’ when its more real than the 6:00 talking head cast.


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