The weather will get worse as the day goes on.

That is why I phoned restaurants to find one open at 11.30 a.m. Chili’s answered, and were open, so I drove us there. There was heavy rain, and wind, so I drove at a speed that the weather conditions would allow. I had a couple of idiots overtake, and then get right in front of me, to create a wave of water over the front of my car.

It was “Chili’s honored to be at your service” to all Veterans and active duty military personnel free meal day. Hubby had a choice of 7 full size entrees, and he had his favorite Cajun Pasta. The one on the menu was chicken, as he usually has shrimp. He ate half, and said that it was delicious. I had the chicken fajitas, and brought two thirds back to the timeshare. So now we have dinner for tomorrow as well.

It was checked with our attorney, and due to the weather conditions we were able to postpone the AGM. We are guessing it will be Friday, so we will be stuck in our apartment until this weather improves.

Our local news station have said that the highest wind gusts were 83 mph., so we could loose power at anytime. Therefore if you don’t see me on WordPress, then you will know that we have no Internet, television, and I won’t be walking on the beach either. Not the best time to be on the beach.


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