Nice surprise.

I hadn’t planned on going to the gym today, with too much to do, but hubby suggested it. He has had a week with very little exercise for him, so suggested we go to the U.S.19 gym, rather than the Ridge Road one that is close by. We went there, and I did 30 minutes of intense boxing.

A guy came up to be and jokingly said, I thought it was Muhammad Ali boxing. It put a smile on my face. I wanted hubby to walk the length of the gym, but he went on the treadmill, and with poor balance the doctor doesn’t want him too. Thankfully all went okay.

I dropped hubby home, and then food shopping. I am pleased to say that an item that hubby likes was in stock, so I got plenty.

Now to unpack, and then get dinner.


  1. I just love how simple this is. I desperately need to get back to my Yoga, but chronic pain and mental illness deter me. The real kicker is exercise is extremely helpful for both. I hope you enjoy your evening with your husband.


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