My body was craving to get a workout.

If we are away for a few days, I make sure that I constantly walk, climb stairs instead of elevators, stretch, do shadow boxing, and use my bands. Even so, I miss the gym.

I mentioned yesterday about doing boxing, which was a great feeling. Especially when the sweat was pouring off of me.

Today between the first, and second UEFA Nations League football matches, I went to the gym, and chose my 5 favorite arm machines. I position them correctly, start at my usual weight, then up one weight, and finish up with my regular weight. I take a deep breath before doing each one, and gradually let it out. At the end of each set I hold it as long as I can, and feel that good tightening in my abs. Love that feeling.

The gym was almost empty, and a guy called over, ‘Keep the good work up. You have it to perfection, and what you put into it is really working’. I don’t know him, and haven’t seen him there before, but always love it when guys comment on women lifting. Normally they take the out of them. Only they use much stronger language.

I love being a gym rat.


  1. Inspirational post. I love working out. Our quarantine in Oregon has called for adjustments but, thanks to the Internet, I have been able to work out almost every week. Thank you for your post!

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