Multiple pill splitter. Such a time saver.

I was looking for a big 7 day planner, as hubby has so many pills, that often they won’t all go in. This showed up on the Amazon page, and it showed 3 pills being cut in half. I had a coupon for it, and figured what a time saving for us. Hubby takes 6 pills that need to be cut a day, and I have 2.

It arrived today, and I read up more about it, and saw that people were splitting as many as 8 pills at a time. Hubby has 2 pills that are so tiny, that it is impossible to get exactly half. Often it’s three quarters, and a quarter of one.

I first tried my round pills, and I did a full week of 7. They were perfectly cut down the middle of each one. I then took photos of the oblong ones. Again I got cuts right in the middle of all the pills.

I am not getting anything for writing this post, and paid the difference between the coupon, and the price. Right now it is down from $12.99 to $9.99.

Here is a link to the Amazon page, if you wish to check it out:


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