Can’t wait for the Covid vaccine 95% effective to be available.

I still wear a facemask at the gym, but as it is not mandatory, many don’t. I tend to feel safer in this back room, as very few people use it.

A tiktok video of me boxing this morning.


  1. We are heading back into more restrictions. I think gyms are at 10%. Everyone here wears masks pretty much all the time. only take out and patio dining. I don’t wear one when I run but I notice everyone wears one when they walk outside. We’re going to Florida in Mid January. Our flight was changed. Now we have to fly into Orlando instead of Jacksonville. But we’re saving lots of money. Only $100 RT from Denver per person.

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  2. I love the video, Susie; and the music is fabulous too!
    Here in Australia there are some exciting new advancements with a number of vaccines with 95% effectiveness possibly available by approx. March next year. Of course, it will take almost the entire year for enough to be produced and ‘rolled out’. However, this is great news. It will be wonderful to return to those things we used to take for granted. Though, I must say, Susie. Here in Oz the infection rate is almost non existent. But, we can’t have large gatherings, etc. Even weddings and funeral guest numbers are limited. Shame for those involved. But, it is what it is. Better to be safe!

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  3. The Word of God teaches that there will be a future, visible, personal coming of the Christ who left Palestine approximately 2,000 years ago.

    This article exposes a plan to co-opt that teaching so that the satanic hierarchy of the Illuminati can install their own great “Christ”. Their agents have worked both inside and outside of Christendom to co-opt “end-time prophetic” expectations. The Illuminati has encouraged false doctrines within the so-called Christian churches to the point that these false doctrines have become entrenched as religious idols. Many Christian churches have left off their first love (Christ) and are now active agents for supporting Big Brother and idolatry. Other churches have neutralized and neutered Christians so bad they are like salt that has lost its saltiness. Others are unbalanced in their end time doctrines, teaching false doctrines that set the stage for the Illuminati agenda. The net effect of all this, is to place all people in danger of a great end-time Anti-Christ delusion, as well as many minor deceptions.

    My approach in presenting this information is to keep this article brief and easy to read. Rather than bog the reader down with Bible verses and complex arguments, I have chosen to touch on several controversial issues only lightly. The only alternative would be to plunge the reader into debates that could fill libraries. I believe that even though I have not attempted to prove all my statements by writing book-length defenses of my statements (and thereby turning this into a book), that the reader will appreciate the article if he or she persists to the end. Before I discuss the Illuminati directly, let me lay the groundwork for how the churches have been neutered.

    One of the most dangerous and unscriptural teachings is dispensational premillenialism. (One of the problems it presents Bible believers is that it believes in more than one way of salvation—although this scriptural defect is rarely admitted by its promoters.) Many Christians and non-Christians are not even aware of what Dispensational Premillenialism is (nor do they care), but most have heard prophetic ministries on television, which warn us what the Bible predicts based on this system of interpretation of the Bible. One way that you can spot this doctrine is that its believers believe that they are going to raptured because supposedly God doesn’t want them to suffer. (Which is contrary to what He says in His Word.) They will not challenge the evil global dictatorship that continues to tighten its grip on us like a boa constrictor because they are going to be magically whisked away from trouble. (They tell me, “It doesn’t matter what I do, I’m saved and am going to be raptured.”) When good no longer will confront evil, the salt has lost its saltiness. It may be asked why God is leaving saints here on planet earth if they are not to confront Satan’s kingdom? It is no exaggeration for me to say that hundreds of these dispensational premillenialists have told me that to fight the New World Order is to fight God. Since when do the people of God acquiesce to evil?

    Dispensational premillenialists, who are of course double pre-s, believing also in a pretrib rapture, have captured the popular attention of Bible believers today, even though many of the seminaries, which used to teach it have discarded this system due to its proven unscripturalness. Dispensational Premillenialism is associated with its founders the Jesuits, its promoters Darby and Schofield (both lawyers), and its advertisers in our present day, the popular television ministers. Its flexible doctrines lend themselves to sensationalism and emotionalism. Additionally, its promoters have at times been like wolves attacking anyone who would dare not share their multitude of arrogant interpretations.

    I write arrogant, because for over 150 years, premillenialists have repeatedly been proven wrong by events, their false predictions are quietly forgotten, but their arrogance continues. Just one example of many premillenialists would be the Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose original name during the first half of the Watchtower’s history was Bible Students. The Bible Students (from the 1930’s on known as Jehovah’s Witnesses) predicted that the end was coming in 1874, 1878, 1914, the end of W.W. I, 1925, 1940, 1941, Oct. 1975, and then highly likely in 2000. Charles T. Russell was in a white robe on the 6th St. Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA with his followers waiting for the rapture on the Memorial night of Christ’s death in 1878. Later in 1914, they were waiting in the Bethel dining room in Brooklyn, NY to be raptured up.

    These dates were presented as “written in stone”. They were advertised as God’s dates, and anyone who suggested that they might not happen was of the devil, an opposer of God, who didn’t believe the Bible. I personally remember Jehovah’s Witnesses who sold their houses and didn’t marry because the Watchtower Society told them the end would be 1975. The problem was that these dates were always portrayed as God’s definite date—let’s exactly quote the Watchtower Society’s portrayal: “…it is beyond the breadth and depth of human thought, and therefore cannot be of human origin [i.e. its God’s date].” “…definitely marked…” “…is even more distinctly indicated by the Scriptures because it is fixed by the law God gave to Israel.” “…Armageddon is very near. It behooves all who love righteousness to put forth every effort to advertise THE THEOCRACY while the privileges are still open.”

    What is also very interesting about C.T. Russell and the Watchtower Society which is revealed in three of my books (The Watchtower & the Masons, Be Wise As Serpents, Bloodlines of the Illuminati) is that C.T. Russell came from an Illuminati bloodline, the hierarchy of the WT Society is Illuminati, and that they (the Watchtower Society) received financial support from Jewish financiers, the B’nai B’rith and Freemasonry. Russell himself was a Freemason. The connections between the Illuminati and the Watchtower Society continue to this day.

    The Watchtower Society is perhaps the best example of an Armageddon preaching religion and they are Illuminati sponsored. Most groups calling themselves Christian have various ministries that they emphasize such as benevolence, running hospitals etc., but the Jehovah’s Witnesses have all their spiritual eggs in one basket, the preaching of Armageddon.

    The Illuminati have also supported other Premillenial groups, and their promotion of the Armageddon warning. I have exposed other Freemasons besides C.T. Russell, who are religious leaders, who are also supported by the Illuminati, and who have preached Armageddon. Just one of many is the Freemason William Miller, whose end-time prophecies in the 1840’s caught the attention of many in America and Europe, and helped lay the groundwork for another “end-time” Masonic project, the Bahai religion (now associated with the United Nations).

    So the big question is: WHAT DO THE GENERATIONAL SATANIC BLOODLINES HAVE TO GAIN FROM PREACHING WORLDWIDE ABOUT ARMAGGEDON? At first thought, it would seem that they would not want to advertise something from the Bible. But they are and are using many groups and many forms of the same general message. Actually, while Christians have been preaching the “end-times”, so have many of the hard-core occult groups associated with the Illuminati. For instance, Hans Hofer, a Fabian Socialist and student of Fabian Bertrand Russell, has written about the coming Golden Age. The Golden Dawn, a satanic lodge system, is another example of a hard-core occult group warning about Armageddon (for instance their publications This Final War, and Watch Jerusalem). This last decade, the Illuminati gave the green light to finance Hollywood movies that showed natural disasters, so that the public has been inundated by movies about natural disasters of all kinds, (which are often referred to as “the Wrath of God”).

    Art Bell’s radio show is a reflection of the popularity of end time predictions and scares. Art Bell uses an Illuminati logo and has said he is a Freemason. All this, as well as his guest list, which is full of Illuminati/CIA agents, suggests that he is sanctioned on the air by the Illuminati. Whatever the case may be, the popularity of his show indicates the mood of the times, which is being encouraged by Illuminati financed broadcasters.

    I have written a good number of articles about weather modifications, and the evidence of how many of our natural disasters (famines, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, etc.) are being encouraged by weather modification. There are many avenues that the Illuminati is taking to create the appearance of the end-times. “Appearance” may not be strong enough language for the person who has to endure his home being destroyed by a flood or earthquake. I use this word only to emphasize that problems are being artificially created worldwide.

    Indeed, people who I have worked with who I helped out of the Illuminati confirm that the Illuminati do indeed have an agenda to use the concept of Armageddon for their own ends. This returns us to the question, what do they have to gain by scaring us with Scriptures?

    Evil is so devious that it has consistently tried to co-opt and control the truth of the Word of God. The men who were behind Christ’s martyrdom were the Bible scholars of his day. These men were occultists. They used the Bible for their own arrogant purposes. Today, within the Illuminati is an arrogance. They have run this planet for hundreds of years. Their occult power has not been seriously challenged or stopped by the God of the Bible. They haven’t seen any lightening bolts from heaven ordering them to stop. Actually there have been a number of strong witnesses of God’s power to these generational satanic families, but in general most of them are too arrogant to accept any witness from God Almighty. In reality, the Illuminati’s power is ultimately that of a paper dragon, but its appearance is very frightening. The point is, the movers and shakers do not have a proper fear of the God of the Bible, so they think they can use the Bible for their own agendas.

    I can think of numerous benefits to the Illuminati to preach Armageddon including the following:

    The fear about disasters puts us into a survival mode and rather than think about concepts such as freedom and faith in Christ; we are easy to manipulate because we will do most anything to survive. (“Help us, we need FEMA, and please give them total dictatorial emergency powers.”) Fear and trauma are also key components to their total mind-control.

    It makes the God of the Bible appear wrathful and cruel, while they can present their Lucifer as a light bearer, as one who liberates us from all the cruel harsh arbitrary rules of God. While this is not what God is really like, people have YHWH God is so often misrepresented that people tend to believe God is cruel. El Nino, with its disastrous warm currents and weather effects, was the Spanish name meaning “the Christ child”. Why don’t we name natural disasters after demons?

    They are attempting to control events and disasters in order to install their own “Christ” and thereby use their opponent’s holy book to legitimize their own world ruler. This ruler will be able to save us from our troubles, just as Hitler saved Germans from their troubles during the first few years of Nazism. Appreciation for the Bible’s wisdom is reduced by all the wild end-time theories that the Bible seems to support.

    One important purpose of Armageddon preaching is the creation of a one-world government. National governments and nationalism can be destroyed, because entire countries are being taught that nationalism is evil. While Christ taught us to respect all men, love for one’s family and nation is not evil. I can love my country and still appreciate that you love yours. I can love my family and still appreciate you love yours. Nationalism does not have to be an evil. On Thanksgivings Day we tend to renew family ties in this nation. No one would suggest that Thanksgivings Day is dangerous. Our love for our nation (our extended family) could also be that benign if our evil leaders didn’t create unnecessary wars to pit us against each other. There have been clan wars, royal bloodline wars, mafia and other family feuds, and this shows us that even family ties can lead to violence.

    But my point is that the love of the family and nation are not inherently bad, and are not condemned in the Word of God. The Word of God actually wants us to honor our families and nations, and asks us not to destroy them or their boundaries. Most people are unaware that in some areas of Africa, the Watchtower Society is the biggest religion, and their Armageddon teachings have totally destroyed any chance for certain relatively new African nations to claim the allegiance of their people.

    Another big benefit of these Armageddon teachings is to stop people from resisting their agenda. People are taught that to resist these disasters is to resist God. People are taught that to resist the One-world-government is to resist God. Another great side effect is that genuine Bible believers who have correctly understood scripture can be mocked and discredited. In the long run, the Bible itself is discredited. For instance, Chinese believers in China prior to the Mao’s Red Chinese takeover were told that they would be raptured before they suffered any tribulation. The communists took over and tortured and martyred millions of Chinese Christians who mistakenly thought the Bible taught that they would be raptured before any suffering. The Bible was widely discredited, because it had been mistaught.

    So I have shown the reader that the Illuminati has already used premillenial Armageddon teachings and rapture teachings to discredit the Bible, destroy trust in God, remove trust in honest Bible interpreters, and to promote their own agenda for a One-World government and a world wide savior (a “benevolent” dictator similar to Hitler) who will rule the planet. Their disdain and arrogance toward God can be seen in their audacity to spread the use of the Bible through institutions they control. They think they have the power to control its message and use. They may control essentially all of organized religion (which was what Be Wise As Serpents documented); and they may control the weather to some extent (which I’ve documented in other writings)– but they do not control the hearts of God’s people. This is one place they underestimate the power of the Word of God, and God has chosen the weak things, the insignificant people, to show His power. And really what will these powerful men gain, if they gain the entire world and lose their own souls???


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