My neighbor is putting her condo up for sale.

We moved from the large townhouse, with 19 stairs, to our condo 5 years ago. Our nextdoor neighbor is a ‘snowbird’, and the nicest person you could wish to meet. We don’t get to chat much, but when we do it’s a pleasure. She takes in my mail, and boxes when I am away, and I check her house thoughout the summer months.

I told her she needs to do what is best for her, but I am heartbroken. In this day, and age, it is so important to have a nextdoor neighbor that is trustworthy, and a dear friend.

Houses are selling like wildfire where we live, and I can see it only being listed for a short time. I pray that I get good neighbor/s when it actually happens.


  1. Great neighbors are a rare gift these days. We got very lucky when we bought our home. Neighbors on both sides of us help watch our pets, share the tomatoes and oranges from their gorgeous gardens and more importantly have wonderful, trusted friends.

    Here’s hoping you get lucky again with the new neighbors.

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  2. Our neighbor across the street is moving. We didn’t know them very well or were friends, but will miss them because they were good neighbors (if that makes any sense.) But, we are apprehensive about who’s next…

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  3. Last month our neighbor of 20+ years moved out of state to live with his daughter. I was teary eyed as we said goodbye. His house is still for sale and we are praying for good neighbors.


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