Do you have the 7-eleven app? If so, save 11 cents a gallon.

A couple of months ago I had a notification on my 7-eleven app, that I would receive 11 cents off a gallon for 7 fillups. I thought, Great, until I saw there wasn’t one in my area. I use the one at the end of my road, but they hadn’t got the system yet.

I checked again this week, and one closer to home now had this offer. So today after the gym, I drove there. I had already put that location in my app, and added money from my credit card to the wallet. I pulled up at the pump, and went into the app, but couldn’t work out how to use it.

I went into the 7-eleven store, and had to stand in line for around 15 minutes, only one cashier, for her to show me how to get to the pump number, and my payment information. She clicked on it for me, and told me I had 2 minutes to start pumping. I already had the cap off the fuel tank, so not a problem. I was watching my app as it was happening, and it showed that the gas was pumping. When it clicked off, my receipt came up on my phone.

It shows I have 6 more fillups with the 11 cents off. Next time I will let my tank get a little lower, although it won’t be much more of a saving, as I have a Honda Fit, for this fit lady.


  1. We used to have a few 7-11s in town. When I moved away for a couple of years and came back, they were gone. I suspect it was a case of bad regional management based on what I heard. We have Dillons, owned by Krogers and a regional chain of QuikTrips. Both offer gas discounts. With Dillons, you have to use them by the next month as either a Dillons with a gas station or a convenience chain owned by Krogers. With QuikTrip, you have a year to use the points and the cheapest gas will go is 1 cent. The points roll over so if you get enough, you don’t lose the extra points. I usually give my points away when I shop there as I don’t need them now.

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