Sad watching my neighbor giving everything away.

Today my next-door neighbor asked me if I needed anything, as she is giving everything away, and what is left to a charity shop. I went in, and picked up a 9 inch ceramic Christmas tree, and a couple of storage containers.

She told me that she is selling the house fully furnished if they want it, if not Goodwill can pick it all up for their store. Once she has everything out, she is going back up north. I thought that she would stay until it was sold, being that Florida is so much warmer, but she just wants to get it done, now she has made the decision.

I was hoping to have her here for a good part of the winter season, but that is not going to happen. I now have to accept it.


  1. That is unusual. Which part of the North is she from? I am watching many neighbors put homes up for sale as they fear with the capital gains , they will forfeit much money to the government. They are trying to sell before the change in Presidency.

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  2. I love Florida but I would no desire to live there. Visit – yes, live there – no. Warm weather is actually a negative for me. I like a moderate climate. Here in Colorado we have hot summers and cold winters. That’s why I want to move back to Oregon. It’s sort of like England.

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  3. I agree. I have been lucky enough to live in the Catskill Mountains, New York City as a child and visited the cold of South Korea during winter but as I get older I do prefer the heat. I keep my winter stuff for visits.

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