Limited crowds to be let into football matches.

Matt Hancock put the football locations into the 3 tiers for lockdown. This means that 10 of the Premier League teams can have either 2,000 or 4,000 spectators depending whether they are tier 1 or 2. Every 2 weeks there will be a review, and possibly allowing more teams to have paying crowds. The lower leagues desperately need this to keep their doors open.

Arsenal will be one of the first to have a home crowd, but Manchester United are in tier 3, so have to wait. Then in the Premier League Chelsea, Spurs, Brighton, West Ham, and Liverpool will have fans for next weekend’s matches.

It is reported that some clubs in the 2,000 spectators, tier 2, will make a loss, and decide not opening up to the fans.

All I can say is that is a start, and better than not having any fans to support the team players. I personally think that even if they loose money, it will uplift the players, and that is worth more than money.


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