Perfect day for a roast dinner.

The oven will be on, as I am roasting, including the potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, and doing my dressing too. I may also do baking, I haven’t decided yet.

The heating is on. The blinds are open on the south side so that the sunshine can come in the house. I am doing laundry, so the dryer will also warm the house.

My girlfriend was leaving her home at 6.30, and the temperature was 37 degrees. 2 counties above us they had frost on their vehicles.

Looking forward to getting in the kitchen, because during the summer I use the toaster oven a lot, and the Instant pot, to keep the house cooler.

We also had a big mug of broccoli soup for lunch. What do you do when the first chill of winter blasts you?

Photo of when I cook. I fill the entire oven.


  1. I turn on the gas fireplace! LOL Actually, I turn on the pilot. I did this back in October and then regretted it. We had a cold spell then it got hot. The pilot still puts out a bit of heat. I just noticed those silicone oven rack guards. I’m going to get those! I just got 2 burns on Thanksgiving. I have a double oven and get more burns than I did with a traditional oven (that is below the stove).

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