I bet this photo surprised you.

Living in Florida, I don’t see mountains, so thought I would remind myself what they look like.


  1. I think in summer time, they are not bad. My mother’s sister, Eleanor, lived in Colorado Springs. She grew up in the South. Aunt Eleanor was a snowbird. When the Springs got too cold, her husband and her moved to Arizona until things warmed up. Their adult children lived not too far from the house and made sure pipes didn’t freeze while they were in Arizona.

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  2. The water pipes are underground here, but when they enter the house, they tend to be next to an outer wall which can cause freezing problem. Only had the water pipe freeze a couple of times. If it gets cold enough, I let the kitchen sink drip as it’s the one most likely to freeze. In my case, the partial basement isn’t insulated which doesn’t help.

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