Loved my sanitizer for phone, keys, facemasks etc.

I was very happy, when I was one of the first to get a small sanitizer, to ensure small items were safe.

Today I got a large one, at a discounted price, which means that I can sanitize big items, or multiple items at a time. I love my sellers, and the groups I am in, which enable me to get such items.

Until we can get the vaccine, this is a bonus for us. : sanitizer box large


  1. Oh, I’d love to have something like this!

    By the way, the pain bloc that you recommended is a hit! My family and my boss order it regularly now. It’s out of stock sometimes, but we are happy to have discovered it!


  2. Some people are using InstantPots to sanitize masks. Since I use a disposable mask I don’t worry. In general I don’t worry about surfaces as much anymore. I do a quick wipe off of grocery carts and I still avoid door handles, but research shows that this still is transmitted primarily as an airborn virus. But yeah, the sooner we get the vaccine the better. Too bad we’re not in the UK!

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