Throw it all in stew, on a cold night.

I have never followed recipes, and enjoy making my own meals from scratch. So no two stews taste the same. Hubby still had some Cajon Chicken Pasta left, and said that he wanted it.

This was after 3 large bowls of stew were eaten.

Well I made the Instant Pot full of stew, and dumplings made from scratch. Being in the U.S. I can’t get suet as easily as in England. I just used plain flour, a fair amount of baking powder, a stick of margarine rubbed into the flour, a pinch of salt, and kept stirring it, adding milk slowly. All the flour needs to be soaked up, but remain a dry ball of dough.

It made 8 huge dumplings. The picture of the pot is after we each had eaten a bowl of it, and hubby had asked for more. I said to him that I bet he was pleased he hadn’t gone for leftovers. He agreed.


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