Yes, I was born to be tough, so you had better not cross me.

Born Tough slideshow.

After 3 days of wearing my Born Tough tracksuit bottoms to the various gyms I go it, it was time to launder them, and then write a review.

These are the bottoms of a Tracksuit, which is good, as you can purchase them individually. I have put sizing, colors etc., in my video above. You can tell in the slideshow, that they stayed in place when I touched my toes over my head, did squats, lifting, flipping ropes, boxing, and Zumba. They stretched perfectly with me, and no movement whatsoever.

These are after they have been washed.

They have an elastic waist, with a tie. The elastic stretches well, and doesn’t cut into your waist.

The pocket is big enough for any phone, mask, and keys. As it is elasticated, it holds them in place, so nothing falls out. This is certainly an added bonus to most workout pants/leggings. They fit really well, and are tight at the ankles.

I put them in the washing machine on a casual wash, and dried them on a low heat. As you can see in the video they came out great.

I personally love them when I am boxing, because I can twist at the waist, turn my hips when doing uppercuts, without that annoying movement you get with some workout pants.

If you are in the market for excellent quality workout gear, check out the links below. I was asked to test this product, and these are my honest results.

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Women’s Workout Clothes – Workout Clothes for Women – Born Tough

Men’s Workout Shirts – Best Gym Workout Shirts for Men – Born Tough



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