No coffee and football in bed this morning.

I was awake at 7 a.m. The kickoff time for the Southampton – Sheffield United Premier League match this morning. I got the 2 remotes for the smart television in our bedroom, and when I went onto cable I had a black screen. I tried for about 20 minutes, until hubby took over. We finally had a notification on the screen to upgrade to get this channel.

So all our channels are out apart from the 5 or so that you can get without cable. I am watching the second half on our main television in the living room. I will have to contact Spectrum, and get them to restore all the channels on that television. It frustrates me, as the Peacock app was working fine yesterday to see the Wolves match in bed. I missed my little bit of pampering this morning.

Southampton are 3- 0 up in the 83rd minute. That puts them in 3rd place, until we have the teams above them playing later today.


  1. Southampton vs Sheffield United was a great game, although I wish he had gone for a few more goals.
    Jannik Vestergaard has been really on form this season, nice to see him getting man of the match.
    Living in Southampton I guess we are just a little biased though.

    If you have a Smart TV and can get a game on the internet, you should be able to “Cast” it from the phone/computer to the TV. I’m not an expert in doing it, but it works. Otherwise, we often end up finding a feed on the internet and watching a game on the laptop.


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