The days get busier leading up to Christmas.

This morning was the gym for both of us, and then we came home for lunch. I then drove to Super Walmart, only to find the parking lot jamming. After getting more walking in to get to the store, I sanitized a cart, and off I went.

First stop was to get a 3 lb. tub of hubby’s heart healthy margarine. There wasn’t a 3 lb. tub of any brand in the store. I don’t buy the 16 oz. size as it is only $1 cheaper than the one 3 times bigger. Then to buy the Walmart brand garbage can size bags. They only had the brand name that is double the generic price. With an empty cart I went to the freezer section, and was able to get my frozen puff/flakey pastry for making sausage rolls. I then went over to the fruit pies, and there wasn’t any ‘no sugar added’ ones for hubby. After a wait I was able to pick up 3 frozen ones for him. I bought 2 individual 50 cent ones for me, as I watch my intake up goodies.

I had a paper e-gift card, so couldn’t do self checkout. I had people walking right in front of me, standing immediately behind me, and not social distancing. Drives me nuts. I got in line, and helped a lady in a electric scooter, by putting her shopping on the checkout area. She said that she had lost her husband. I said that I was so sorry, and she said ‘in the store’. I chuckled to myself. When the cashier spoke to her, out came the phrase that she had lost her husband, and the response was the same as mine. You would have thought that she would have said ‘in the store’. Came out of my long, tiring, miserable shop at Walmart, with a smile on my face.

It took me twice as long as normal, and I only got two thirds of my shopping. Will pick up the other items in local stores.

After putting the shopping away, I got dinner, and then spent forever pulling apart the rest of the turkey. I have a container with a turkey breast, sausage meat stuffing, and the jelly at the bottom of the pan, to make the gravy, ready for our week in Treasure Island. I then labelled up the rest of the containers, and put everything in the freezer.

Usually I have written 2 or 3 posts by now. This is my second one, and probably that will be it for today. Time to put my feet up.


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