Brunch at the Breakfast Station today.

We were given a $15 gift card for the Breakfast Station located on Little Road, New Port Richey. Luckily I checked the location, as they moved this year, and still have the sign at the old building. I would have automatically gone there.

We sat at a booth, and everyone was in use. I had my mask on apart from eating, and drinking.

The menu was on the placemat. There was breakfast and lunch, as they close at 3 p.m.

We both went for the sausage, cheese, onion, green pepper omelette for 9 bucks. We ordered home fries, and a biscuit for the sides. The biscuit was big, flaky, and good. The omlette was around half the size of the ones we get at IHOP for the same price. As you can see by the photos, the plate was mainly filled with the potatoes, and biscuit, which are cheap compared to sausage. I could barely taste the sausage as they were tiny chunks throughout the omelette.

We both had water as I had done my Cxworx class, and I needed hydration. I finished my water, and our server didn’t come back to refill, or offer more.

I have to say that at $19.24 I certainly wouldn’t go back again. I only left a $2 tip, as the service at best was average.

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