Arsenal let themselves down, and their fans.

Neithera hubby or I expected much from Arsenal, and that’s what we got. Ex Arsenal player Walcott scored for Southampton in the 18th minute, and we thought, ‘Here we go again’.

We were amazed when Aubameyang equalized in the 52nd minute. We were getting hopeful, after several weeks of the pain watching them. Gabriel received a yellow card in the 58th minute, followed by an absolutely stupid second yellow 4 minutes later. As football followers know, 2 yellow cards equate to RED and being sent off.

In the past few matches we have seen 3 Arsenal players getting RED cards, which then puts their team on the defense for the rest of the match. If I was Mikel Arteta I would fine them the maximum amount I could. It doesn’t sink in, even when they are not allowed to play the next matches. Hurt them where it really counts, and maybe they will step up to the responsibilites of being a top football player, and not an aggressive, irresponsible player.

They managed to hold on to a draw, but with eleven players they may have won the match.

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