People staying home as Covod spikes.

We have gone dancing for an hour, once a week. We choose our time, and go at 6.30 when the band starts, and only stay until they take their first break. Most people tend to go dancing around 8.00 after eating dinner.

This works out great for us, as there were only around 20 people last night, with around 6 – 8 on the huge floor at a time. I wear my Facemask, and keep at least 10 feet away from the other ladies.

We went last night, so I am sure that Friday nights are busy, and that’s why we stay at home. A little bit of pleasure when it is safe is a huge blessing.


  1. My husband is doing indoor volleyball now as too cold outside. I think they’re at 25% capacity and they must wear a mask. He does not enjoy it as much. But it is what it is. I’m surprised band members not wearing mask. I’ll be curious to see how many people wear masks in Florida. We’re going to be there next month


  2. Our numbers did go down last week in Colorado. But the governor and Mayor of Denver are still keeping very strict rules in place – no indoor dining, limited number of people in gyms, masks everywhere. It’s estimated that people in general population won’t get vaccine til summer. My son is Type 1 diabetic so he might be able to get it sooner.


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