We are so fortunate here in the U.S.

My daughter sent me 2 articles from the UK. What a miserable Christmas Londoners, and people in the southeast of England are going to have.

I was born, and lived in Kent for 40 years before coming to the states, and feel so bad for them. Especially as I am at the Voyager Beach Club this week, and had 2 lovely walks along the water’s edge.

My heart goes out to them all. They were expecting 5 days to spend with family, and friends, and it is being taken away. How do you explain to young children, or children with disabilities.


  1. My sister is delighted she won’t have to spend Xmas with her in-laws snd she’s probably not the only one. Your grand-children will still enjoy Xmas with their parents.

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  2. The youngest one who is high on the spectrum, and also severe learning disabilities, finds it hard just to deal with life itself. She loved going to a restaurant Christmas week, even if she couldn’t eat. Sitting in a coffee shop, and being in stores with all the Christmas decorations.

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  3. Interesting as cases/million in UK are just over half the US rate and deaths/million are very similar. Here, we have one of the highest rates in Canada which has 1/4 cases/million and 1/3 deaths per million of U.S. We in severe restrictions as well. Our Government waited 6 weeks too long to do this and this impacted Christmas gatherings for sure. As to taking away freedom, the Government may be the ones enforcing it, but the actions (or inactions) of the people is what removed our freedom. If all did what was required, we might get past this sooner. As I tell everyone, Christmas is not cancelled this year, it is simply different. The spirit is still there and we will still get together with family and friends….just virtually. Stay well, stay safe, be kind and be brave. And think of the medical workers who are going through H— right now. My son is one. Allan

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  4. Christmas isn’t cancelled, we’re merely being asked to celebrate it in a responsible way this year so that we can save lives and save our health care system from collapsing at a key time during a global pandemic. Politicians are making tough choices but nobody’s trying to take anything away – they’re reacting up to the minute to a rapidly changing situation, so yes, they have to make adjustments to the plan as things worsen. Not only is it to be expected, it’s to be applauded. Canada is shutting down flights from the UK because their numbers are increasing again but we never re-opened our borders with the US- those have been closed since March because of the irresponsible handling of the American government. The numbers there are atrocious and yet without someone wise at the helm telling people they need to curb their behaviour, people haven’t done it, and it’s costing lives every single day.

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