Manchester United 6 Leeds 2.

What a wierd weekend of Premier League Football. Yesterday 7 for Liverpool, over Crystal Palace, who beat West Brom 5 – 1, a couple of weeks back. Everton beating Arsenal 2 – 1, which I unfortunately was expecting, and Fulham holding Newcastle to a 1 – 1 with only ten men.

Today Sheffield United went down to ten men just before half-time, and still had a draw with Brighton & Hove Albion. I thought Tottenham would win, and Leicester City beat them 2 – 0.

Then another goal studed match with Manchester United finally finding their form. Leeds managed 2, which is usually a match winner.

We are now watching the West Brom match, playing against Aston Villa, who are leading 1 – 0. Aston Villa have had 62% of the possession, and are expected to win this match.

Hoping to go down to the beach. I managed a short walk in the drizzle this morning, then heavy rain while we went out to eat. It is getting brighter, but the cold front has come in, so planning on really wrapping up well.


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