$5 meal at IHOP from 2 to 10 p.m.

When we were in Treasure Island for our October week, we got to IHOP around 1.15, too early for their special that they have been running. That time we had the smaller portion on the Senior menu. We woofed that down at the restaurant.

Today we got there around 2.30, and both ordered the ham and cheese omelette, that came with 3 pancakes. The omlette was the same size as the regular one that costs $10 or more. I honestly thought we would get a smaller one. So we both only managed half of our amazing omelettes, and 2 pancakes. We each brought a box home, and have a meal for tomorrow.

In my wildest dreams I never thought that they would give the same meal for half the price. There are 7 $5 meals, and 3 $3 ones to choose from.

Wonderful meal.



  1. Beware !!


    Dr Carrie Madej with crucial information on RNA-modifying Covid19 vaccines:

    ? ”These RNA vaccines have already been studied in animals in the last 20 years with terrible results.

    In these animal studies, it was observed that initially (for a time) the immune system improved and antibodies were generated correctly. However later when the animals were exposed to the virus later, they became seriously ill or died. (much more than the placebo groups). What happened was that the antibodies generated an over-response similar to hyperinflation, as if attacking parts of oneself, lungs, liver, etc.

    I believe this is the reason why animal testing with human RNA-modifying vaccines for COVID19 has been skipped.

    If they had done tests on animals this would have been detected.

    And guess what will happen when those vaccinated face the new seasonal flu? That they will have the same effects and over-reaction as seen in animals.

    But then they could say that people (those vaccinated) would be dying or becoming seriously ill from a “new Covid20”, when they would really be dying from the vaccine that they were intentionally given knowing what its consequences would be in the next flu season.

    How many people are going to suffer from this? How many children?

    People have to wake up. THIS IS INTENTIONAL

    What I am saying is pure Science. You can ignore the rest of the other arguments that I have provided, but this is irrefutable.



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