Cold front/rain/storm coming into Florida.

I was on the beach earlier today, and enjoyed a 90 minute walk. Then at 4 p.m. I decided to go down even though I knew the cold front was coming in. The wind had really got up, and everyone had thick jackets, jeans, and hats on.

I started to walk, and decided to put my face mask on because the weather was getting brutal for us Florida residents. I walked to John’s Pass, and didn’t stop, like I normally do, because I had the wind blowing directly at me on the way back. You can see in one of the photos that it had taken the soft, top sand off the beach, and left the impacted sand to walk on.

It was a really good workout coming back, as extra effect was needed. It also got me warmer that I would have been. A 20 minute walk each way, took me an hour to complete. Once done, it was up to the apartment, and a hot shower as we now have piping hot water.


  1. Strange weather for sure Susie. It got up to +6 C (43F) here today, no wind and blinding sun. We had to take our gloves and coats off. I guess it all equals out somewhere. Have a very Merry Christmas. Allan

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  2. We had the cold front move in over night. I went to the health club yesterday but they closed early. Missed my gym time. Today will be chilly and we are planning on being out for awhile. I also need to walk the pug this morning. Merry Christmas.

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