It’s lunch time at the beach.

When I walked this morning, the birds didn’t have to work to get fish, as there were lots of guys fishing. They just stand next to them, and wait for the small fish to be released from the line. Nice when you can get it.

This afternoon the wind has got up, and no fishermen in sight, so the birds are on the rocks, at John’s Pass. They are like statues waiting for fish. Then they gradually move inch by inch, until, wham, they swollow their food whole.

I have always wondered if the fish wringle inside of them, It must do once it gets down their long neck. So glad that I am not a bird. Especially a turkey when it comes to holidays.


  1. The birds and fishermen are a never-ending source of entertainment! Up here in the Panhandle, the wind is whipping like crazy and we are into the 20’s tonight! Merry Christmas to you and hubby, Susie! πŸŽ„

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