Watching the water run

Yes, that’s exactly what I have been doing for 15 minutes.

Yesterday one of the water heaters, here at the timeshare, stopped working. It was old, so our Manager phoned around to finally get one delivered today (Christmas Eve), and a company to remove the old one, and install the new one.

Housekeeping, and maintenance only worked half a day. As I am on the floor with no hot water, I had to walk past them working. I told them that I was on the board of directors, and gave my apartment # in case they needed anything.

One of the guys had a master key to to rooms, but couldn’t get it to work. I asked if I could do anything, and he asked me to run the water in my bathroom.

I just checked with them, and have now turned it off. We should be getting hot water shortly.

I was given a key to another apartment, so that I could shower, and wash my hair, so everything has worked out well

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