How do Panera Bread make money?

They certainly haven’t made a penny out of me. If you read a post I did just over 3 months ago, you would know that I got 2 months of free coffee, through my Fetch rewards. Then it would be $8.99 a month.

I canceled after my free coffee was up, and they asked me if I would stay, and they would give me a free pastry each of the 4 weeks. I said, Sure, and they did get $8.99 from me, but I ended up with 6 pasties at $2.79 each for free.

So just before I went for my week at the beach I figured that I would miss 8 days of coffee, so canceled when the time came up. They offered me 3 months of free coffee. That’s crazy, but of course I took it.

Driving home today I stopped in at a Panera, and not only did I get my cup of coffee, but also a free pastry.

As I said at the beginning, “How do Panera Bread make money?’

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  1. That is a good question. How do they make any money? They wanted your business. I do like their vanilla chia lattes. Yes, expensive but so good. I use to eat their soups but the calories in them are way too much now for me.

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