Boxing, lifting weights, and flipping ropes today. Also Liverpool only draw against West Brom.

We watched the second half of the Leeds – Burnley match in bed this morning, where Leeds won 1 – 0. Got showered, had coffee, and breakfast, while watching the first half f the West Ham – Brighton & Hove Albion match. When I left for the gym Brighton were winning 2 – 1. I checked the score at the gym, and it ended in a 2 – 2 draw.

As I have been walking anywhere from 13,000 to 20,000 steps a day at the beach, depending on the weather, shadow boxing in the water’s edge, and using the exercise bands in our timeshare, I wanted to do some strength training.

First off it was 30 minutes boxing, then 5 minutes of flipping the ropes, and finally grabbing the bar that is inside a casing. You can see in my photos that my left wrist is still a little weaker than the right, as I couldn’t get the bar fully up that side. It will come in time.

Now it’s home and watching the second half of the Liverpool – West Bromwich Albion match. West Brom have just equalized, which has blown my mind, and the next to bottom Premier League football team have held the number one team to a draw. Unbelievable. Well done West Brom.


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