Covid19 Vaccines in Pasco County are sold out every time I check.

With hubby’s age, 87, and with 5 chronic illnesses, he needs to be one of the first to get the vaccine, now that 65 and older are getting it.

I went to the link, and today was sold out. I then went to Saturday, and that is sold out. No other dates available right now. I said to hubby that I need to check the website every time I go online, to see if I can get a ticket for him. Not as worried about myself as I am 72, and healthy.

Our doctor’s office must be closed this week, as I never got an answer from the message I left them. It means that I still taking every precaution I can, and praying that he can be vaccinated shortly.

COVID19 Vaccination Pasco CHD Tickets, Sat, Jan 2, 2021 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite

Photo: Pixabay.


  1. FYI – no cost for vaccines. But yes, he should be on top of the list. Because he’s not in a senior living facility it does make it harder. I hope my son (Type 1) can get it early spring.

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  2. Saw the photos of the Florida distribution yesterday and it looked like a bit of a free for all with some people waiting 9 hours, even with an appointment. Hope the world gets the scheduling right soon. Fingers crossed you get your appointments. Allan

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  3. I heard tonight on news that UC Health here in Colorado is doing a random draw for people who register and qualify. One elderly couple said the same thing about visiting their grandkids. I don’t know – it’s going to be like this all year I’m afraid. I think for you it’s even harder. So many seniors in Florida. Definitely I think I’m glad I’m in a less populated state. But still going to be a long time.

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