5 years ago today. My Facebook memories.

This was after a long spell in ICU, and then in a room.

Len had 28 nurse’s shifts, and today we had the one from hell. Not only did she not come to his room, but didn’t give us her number to phone, like the others did, and they are supposed too. She didn’t come to the room to discharge him, but gave the paperwork to someone else. The tech took off his heart monitor, and the I.V.s but left all the circles on him. No one helped him dress, and I was frightened that I would spill the catheter over this clothes. Finally got someone to help. They wheeled him to the curb, and didn’t assist him getting up from the wheelchair and into the vehicle. I had to hold his weight on my own, after I was told they would help. At Southern Pines, an aide came out with a wheelchair, and got him out of the car for me. The paperwork I handed the rehab people was incomplete, and the piece of paper that allows then to give meds wasn’t there. They phoned for over an hour without luck, and told me that if they didn’t get it, he would have to go back to Northbay. Finally at 8.30 it came through. Got home, finished up the laundry, and now off to bed. Today was a 12 hour day, with only lunch, at my good friend, Donna’s house.


  1. That is just not good enough treatment at that hospital. But you are both still here and Len ma ynot be 100% but he is in better shape now going to his Silver Sneakers classes. Have a healthy and happy New Year Susie~

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