I asked hubby to take a photo of me.

Hubby wasn’t up to going to the gym today, so I did the local Body Pump. I checked on him, and he was well enough to go to Bob Evans, for his favorite ‘biscuits and gravy’.

I picked him up and drove past the gym to Bob Evans. The restaurant was quiet for dine in, but crazy for pick up.

Our server took our order. Biscuits and biscuits are already cooked, so we often get it immediately.

Our server never came back to update us, and after 25 minutes I went to the desk to check. She called out its coming now.

5 minutes later we got it. Halfway through our meal she came up with our check, and told us she was getting a table of 12. Meaning no service for us. The only good thing was she topped up my almost empty water glass.

I had taken photos of our food, took one of hubby, and asked him to take one of me. He must have pushed the button forever as I got 100 stills of the table, 14 of something else, and another one of, I don’t know what. So I had to take a selfie.


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