New year. Time to take care of yourself.

As you know I workout every day of the year. I will go down to the gym on days that it isn’t staffed, due to a holiday, and use my key tag to let myself in.

I always write that at the end of a fortnight (2 weeks for anyone not English) that I don’t put an ounce on during this time. I eat a little of everything. However, for the first time, I have put on a couple of pounds. Time to shed them.

It will be a black coffee in the morning with my regular breakfast. My problem is that I used to go to the gym for 2 to 3 hours a day, but now that hubby only comes 3 mornings a week, the other days it is only 45 minutes. So it’s not the food for me, but less exercise.

So this morning after stretching, I have been running on the spot, doing squats, dips, and total body extensions.

Hubby didn’t get up until late, so it was 10 a.m. before we had breakfast. We are watching the Leicester – Newcastle Premier League football match, and it’s halftime. By the time I drive to the gym, and do boxing, I wouldn’t have time to get back for the Chelsea – Manchester City match, and that is the one, I really want to see.

My routine today is the 4 minute ab workout (104) 4-Minute NO-Equipment Belly Fat Destroyer Circuit – YouTube and the Body Combat Invincible from Australia (104) BODYCOMBAT INVINCIBLE | Workout #14 | Free cardio workout – YouTube at home.

Also 45 minutes boxing at the gym. By sharing this with you all, it will mean that I workout at home. I could easily stay at the gym all day, and do every kind of workout you can think of, but now I am very limited with hubby going less, I rarely find the time to fit it in at home.


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