No New Year’s resolutions this year, make it goals instead.

I was watching the Today Show this morning, and they had a segment about no New Year’s resolutions, as that puts pressure on you, but choose your goals.

Most people tend to break there resolutions in a short period of time, but setting goals, you can choose a timeframe, or not even make one.

So this year it is going to be goals.


  1. Goals have always been better than resolutions. Goals should be SMART. (simple, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based). You have to try to change behaviours one step at a time, like running a marathon or climbing a mountain. Stay well Susie. Allan

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  2. SMiles i Make
    The Best of
    Every Moment
    Ever Word A Holy
    And Sacred Song
    Ever Step A Holy
    And Sacred

    Indeed In
    Heaven Within

    Just An


    Song Now
    i Leave All
    Time, Distance,
    Space, And Matter

    In Some
    One Else’s Illusion…

    Of Course
    Eternally Now
    With Natural
    Milestones And
    Feat Notes That


    In Heaven’s
    Flow Effortless
    Ease Of John 14:12
    Deeds My God


    Of JeSuS


    Naked Of Myths..🤗☺️

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