Countdown to 2 p.m. for Covid Vaccine.

This is going to be a daily occurrence, counting down the minutes to see if I can get hubby a spot for the Covid-19 vaccine.

I haven’t heard of a single person I know being able to get it online. Just my friends, girlfriend that managed to phone the Pasco health department.

On the news last night it said that county health departments lines were jammed. Yes, I do know that to be true.

I watched the minutes go down, and 2 p.m. came, and the REGISTER button didn’t even light up. Up came unavailable.

Just wasting my time.


  1. Our local hospital is giving the vaccine, but you have to register on their website. Only it’s not active yet, and they don’t know when it will be. The next town over is being told not to call their local Health Dept, but to go to our hospital website to register. The one that is not up and running yet. How do they get away with this??! Good luck, Susie.

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  2. Ugh that’s so frustrating. It’s very underwhelming how the vaccines have been (or rather not been) rolled out here in Ontario. Our government came under fire recently because they scaled back on vaccinating people over the holidays. We essentially have all these vaccines sitting in a freezer not being used.

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  3. So frustrating. Well it is not any better up here in Ontario. They are still vaccinating people in long term care homes and healthcare workers and doing it at a glacially slooooowwww pace. Myhusband and I think we may get ours by May or June at this rate.

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  4. I’m sorry to hear this. I pray we can figure a way to do better. If there’s anyway I can help, please don’t hesitate. I live in NY and work in healthcare.

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  5. Doing a little research, we learned this vaccine does not work in the traditional sense: using dead viruses to prompt a protective response. From what we’ve read and understand, the covid vaccine uses your mrna (messenger ribonucleaic acid) to instruct your body to protect. From what we understand, this has been studied over the past two decades (i.e. rabies), but not population-wide, and studies still don’t know the full long-term effect, even on something that has traditional flu-like numbers. Some writings indicate mild, serious, and very serious side effects, either earlier or later. I encourage people to research so we can have a more-informed populace. **Hoping more and more people think for themselves and do their research.

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