I finally spoke to someone in the health department.

Yesterday my landline phone ran out of battery before I could speak to a person.

Today, after getting nothing online, I dialed the number on my cellphone, and kept it on charge.

Finally I got a real person. She listened to the details of hubby’s chronic illnesses, and his age, and all she could say was that I should watch the local news for updates.

I spoke of people getting appointments on the phone, and she denied it happening. A second local person on Facebook wrote today that they had got theirs via the telephone.

The only good news is, that at some point they will be coming to 55+ communities, to give vaccinations.


  1. There was a news article in Washington state a couple went food shopping and the pharmacy inside that supermarket had 2 vials of Moderna unclaimed. The 2 who were supposed to receive it never showed up and the pharmacy asked this couple who happened to pass by if they would be interested in receiving them lest it goes to waste. The couple did take it. Susie,you might need to open your eyes and be alert of any vaccination clinic nearby and just “drop by> if ever. Just saying.


  2. The race is really on here in the UK. Currently the over 80s, health workers etc are being vaccinated. Good luck for your hubby and yourself. What made me furious was there was a travel advert shown here, coining the phrase ‘jab and go’ . No! to implying you can somehow get the vaccine at the drop of a hat and then go on holiday – mixed messages abound.

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  3. I bet it will come soon! We live in Georgia and they are already giving vaccinations in nursing homes. One of my sisters lives in a home and she gets her first course next week. ❤️

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  4. The vaccination process in many countries just goes to show you how no or inadequate planning can lead to problems. Having a system that allows first come first served may not be the right idea. Fingers crossed you find a vaccination for hubby soon. My son who works on the Covid wards is still way down the line which just makes no sense. Allan

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