Rioters Storm Capitol. House and Senate evacuated.

In all honesty I never expected to witness a time in American history, when the government can’t do their job, I am appalled.

I love living in America, but am proud to be English. No more need to be said.


  1. Putin and Kim Jung Un must be so proud. Their protegé did exactly what he said he would do. The only thing missing at this time is a declaration of martial law and I am sure that is being discussed to delay the transition. God Save America.

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  2. Antifa strikes again, this time in sheep’s clothing. Killing a Trump supporter, not the first time. And the media doesn’t broadcast the shootings by Antifa-the homegrown Terrorists. Truly sad.

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  3. My husband’s family was friend with Biden a long time ago and he told me some strange stories. I have no reason to not believe him or the stories he told. I don’t tell tales but I feel comfortable with my vote. Many supporters of Trump are quiet but believers.

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  4. Well you could blow me down! I never saw this coming! I’m never going to protest. Things go nuts so fast! I hope it’s over soon too. And just today I was feeling so hopeful about 2021. This in the first week!? yikes

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  5. If Trump was Captain Kirk having a meltdown, Pence as Bones could relieve him from duty. Being a sore loser is one thing, but fiddling while Washington and America burns is truly Nero.

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  6. It doesn’t matter if it’s Antifa, BLM, or whoever it was yesterday – violence needs to be rejected by all. We need a productive and peaceful exchange of ideas, not fists.

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  7. For Change
    To Happen
    In America

    Veils of
    Must Be

    In Church
    So Love




    Rule Over

    Politics In

    Church Holding
    Hands With State

    Indeed Mainstay
    Of Despicable
    Leaders Since

    And A So-Called
    Longer List

    A Full ‘Littany’

    Of Holy
    And States
    Holding Hands
    In Ignorance

    Bred in

    Deceit to



    The Worst

    Kind oF iGNoRANCE
    To Breathe For Light

    To Reach

    In DarK Closed


    Cold Doors
    Written Less

    Than LoVE NoW
    For All Breathing NoW💫

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