Marine, 8 divisions below the Premier League, are playing Tottenham Hotspur

I had to smile, as the ground reminds me of the days I watched our local town play.

The houses look over it, so this is a match that does have spectators watching a Premier League team.

The score doesn’t matter in this match, because we know it will be a massacre. What it does mean is that some money will come to this minor team, and scouts may pick a player up.

I would be sitting in front of bedroom window enjoying seeing Spurs play.

Coming up for halftime, and Spurs are winning 4 – 0.


  1. I think virtually every footie fan in the UK was watching the match. Marine did really well – the score could have been so much worse. Plus they very nearly netted in the first half. Like you say, this sort of publicity is fabulous for a small club. I’m so glad Bale came on, too, because the keeper can now claim to have saved a free kick from one of the world’s top free-kick takers. 🤣⚽

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  2. I left a message for you in reply to your comment on my frosty post today. We were chatting with our son today and he was getting ready to watch Leeds and a 4th division team. He later texted me to say Leeds had sent out a 2nd string of players including several teenagers and the lower division team won! By 3 goals!! He said Leeds deserved to loose as they had not shown respect at all for the other team. He told us about the Mariners match. That is the biggest gap in divisions in the history of the FA Cup. I’m glad that The Mariners acquitted themselves well!

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  3. Marine FC. What an awesome story. The guy who netted the goal to get them into the 3rd Round playing Tottenham is also a PE teacher. Wild. And I’m happy for them. Non-league clubs don’t have TV contracts really so matchday tickets is their main source of revenue (revenue obviously not coming in because of COVID). Hopefully the revenue from playing Tottenham in front of nearly 30,000 “virtual” fans will provide a much needed shot in the arm.

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