Finally preregistered hubby and I for our Covid vaccines.

We both have accounts. I tried to sign hubby first with my email details, as he misses so much on his one, or can’t find them. It took me almost an hour as it kept showing the blue circle. While this was going on, I used my phone to start the process for me.

It wouldn’t allow me to use my email address for myself, as I had used it for hubby. You would have thought that we could have had an account for the two of us, but that would have been too easy. Luckily I have a yahoo account, so used that one. After that, mine went smoothly.

I went back to hubby’s one on the laptop, and pulled up the vaccine sites for Pasco county. I live on the west side, and the only one in our county is the Strawberry Festival Grounds in Plant City. That is a 100 mile round trip, that would have to be done twice.

Considering their was one at Gulf View Square mall, which is close to home. and now that doesn’t appear at all on the Florida Health Pasco County site. There is a phone number to call, so I phoned it, and it started at a wait time of 1 hour 13 minutes, that was 1 hour 35 minutes ago, and now the wait time is 1 hour 28 minutes, so I am ready to hang up.


  1. Unfortunately, your vaccine saga is not an isolated incident…I know several caregivers in FL who have had to juggle ‘devices’, waiting until the appointment slots open up to push the submit button at that instant and everything else you’ve been documenting here – all coming up empty.
    This is a ‘deadly’ disgrace IMHO. Those in charge should be ashamed…Still rooting for you two – against all odds.

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  2. Up here we are just vaccinating older people living in long term care homes and first responders and healthcare workers. The rest of us will not get a look in until later than April. And now in Ontario we are back in a full emergency lockdown. I don’t know if the barn will be closed yet but it was for the last emergency lockdown. This is due to the rise in numbers after the Christmas gatherings. Seems the ICU units in many hospitals are at the max so they need to get numbers down. The whole thing is so frustrating. I hope you will be able to get a day and time for your vaccines soon!!

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  3. That is good news. With everything being so difficult these days, too bad this one thing could not have been simpler. My son, who works on Covid wards gets his first shot tomorrow, but his second is 5 weeks away. Hope this break from vaccine manufacturer recommendations does not come with consequences. Stay well Susie. Allan


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