Shut The F*** Up I don’t swear either, but my gut feeling was to share this post.

I’m not one for swearing. Even if I whacked my thumb with a rather large hammer I’d probably grit my teeth and ‘flippity flip’ it rather than resort to a torrent of expletives. Turning the air blue isn’t my style and I struggle with people whose every other word is the ‘f bomb.’ But this […]

Shut The F*** Up


  1. YES YES YES!!! I love this. Our NHS and all the frontline workers are exhausted and stressed but they still turn up. The anti vacc and anit mask and hoax believers can just Eff Off.

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  2. I don’t think mamby pamby works with the conspiracy theorists, anti maskers and anti vaxers. The direct approach by those who lay their lives n the line daily for a very real threat of getting sick and dying have a right to tear them a new one. People who do not believe in this have the right not to. Just stay the H— away from me, stay out of the stores, stay off the streets and hopefully stay out of the hospitals. When asked to put a mask, either put one on or get the H— out and shut the F— up. You do not need to go into a store to prove your point and put others at risk. Shop from your armchair. My son, who has worked daily with Covid patients for the last 5 months finally got his first vaccine shot yesterday. That was my dream. I can wait, because I will listen and follow instructions, I will wear my mask and shut the F— up. Stay well Susie. Allan

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