Balancing one footed on the upside down Bosu ball.

Monday starts with my Zumba class with Paola. That is a lot of fun. Today hubby had said that he wasn’t doing his Silver Sneakers class, but all his friends do it, so he joined in. I was so happy for him.

While he was doing this I was using resistance bands, while shadow boxing, and then bouncing on the upside down Bosu ball. I then tested my balance by having one foot central, and the other one either in front of me, or behind me. I took the photos, so if they are slightly burred, that is because the ball moved slightly. After seeing how weak hubby’s ankles are, I spend a lot of time, ensuring that my legs get lots of workouts, and the one footed exercise.

Yes, I am looking down taking the photo while doing this!

It’s always good to change up your workout routines. It makes for a fun time.


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