A really good day.

This morning didn’t start well, as hubby wasn’t up to coming to the gym with me. I suggested he rest up, and after my boxing, I would come straight home, and we would go out, so he could walk.

I drove to the local plaza, to do a little food shopping. I parked in a disabled spot, and walked hubby over to the pavement. We went over how to put the brakes on, and off, and how to lift the bar to sit down. I told him I would only be 10 to 15 minutes.

I came out, and couldn’t see him. I put my bags in the car, and walked to the end of the plaza, he wasn’t around. I came back, and looked everywhere. He was at the farthest end of the parking lot, right by the road. I went and met him, and he said that he had been walking in the parking lot area, because it was in the sun. Back to the car, and I drove over to the opposite plaza, where he stayed in the car while I picked up birthday cards, etc.

Hubby did really great with the walker. I am very proud of him for his achievement.

After lunch my girlfriend and I drove to Key Vista Nature Park, and had a lovely walk. We stopped off at the tiny beach area, to enjoy the view, and the sea air.


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